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A Call To Action:
In the Fall of 2012, a call to action from community partners supporting youth in South/Central Bruce and Grey communities was issued from the Bruce-Grey Catholic School Board in response to the deaths of several youth, aged 15-20 by suicide. From this, a collaborative partnership, now known as the Grey Bruce ‘We CARE’ Project was developed.
Gap Analysis
Community Partners conducted a gap analysis and needs assessment review. This allowed the Grey Bruce community to articulate what services were being offered in the areas of promotion/awareness, prevention, intervention, and ongoing treatment and support. Results from the gap analysis indicate the following:
  • There are many services and supports that target youth in South/Central Bruce and Grey
  • There is a need for clearer pathways to local services, supports and partner agencies.
  • There are less services and supports that target the adult community who support youth.
Community Partnership
Historically, Grey and Bruce has worked collaboratively with the school boards and community partners to develop unique and creative ways of partnering to address the issues presented by a rural community.
Grey Bruce We C.A.R.E. Partners include:

Bluewater District School Board

Brockton and Area Family Health Team

Bruce Grey Child and Family Services

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce

Grey Bruce Health Services

Grey Bruce Health Unit

Hanover Family Health Team

Hope Grey Bruce Mental Health & Addictions Services

Keystone Child, Youth & Family Services

South Bruce OPP

VPI Bruce County

Wes for Youth Online

The Grey Bruce ‘We CARE’ Project is an initiative of community agencies and school boards who recognize the importance of working together toward the common goal of increasing and enhancing community capacity and mobilization around the promotion of youth mental health and prevention of youth suicide.
Our vision is that all members of the Grey Bruce community will make a commitment to… connect with, ask about, reach out to, and engage with youth and their families in a way that will increase awareness, understanding, compassion and support for youth mental health.
We are community agencies and school boards working together to support youth mental health and prevention of youth suicide.
  • We will…work with young people to identify natural helpers in our community.
  • We will…connect with natural helpers and offer education, information and support.
  • We will…create community awareness and provide information and resources about how to help youth with a mental health issue.
  • We will…work collaboratively to inform practices, identify barriers, address service gaps and advocate for supports.
  1. Develop and maintain initiatives which focus on increasing awareness regarding mental health and local supports, to those adults and peers in community that youth naturally turn to for support.
  2. Decrease the stigma and increase awareness associated with mental health and suicide prevention.
  3. Bridge the gap between formal and informal supports for youth.
  4. Offer awareness and information sessions to natural helpers through a variety of approaches (i.e., web site, webinars, face-to-face)
  5. Develop a Youth Mental Health Media/Promotion Campaign including posters/flyers that link to a web based resource identifying key issues in youth mental health and clear pathways for support in Grey and Bruce Counties.
  6. Advocate for the use of current evidence based practices and protocols when reporting on mental health issues including youth suicide, in the media.  Solicit the media's support in creating awareness of youth mental health in Grey and Bruce.
  7. Engage our young people in developing mental health initiatives within each of the high schools to create greater awareness of mental health stigma and community resources
  8. Engage the business community in supporting the ‘We CARE’ project in a variety of ways including, funding opportunities, in-kind resources, marketing and mental health promotion.
  9. Collect and analyze data regarding youth mental health in Grey and Bruce to help inform practices and support in developing collaborative responses to possible barriers and service gaps.
For more Information, contact the committee co-chairs:
Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board, Mental Health Lead
799 - 16th Avenue, Hanover, ON N4N 3A1
(P) 519-364-5820                                                  
(F) 519-364-5882
Hope Grey Bruce, Choices Drug & Alcohol Youth Counsellor
425 10th Street, Unit 8, Hanover, ON  N4N 1P8
(P): 519-364-7788
(F): 519-364-5052