I Need Help

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It's okay to reach out for help. You might have issues with school, friends, relationships, work, or other stressful stuff, and there are people in your life who care about you and want to help you figure things out.

This includes your parents, a close family member, a coach, a teacher, or another trusted adult in your life. A close friend can also help you talk to an adult or find services to help you.

If you are not ready to talk to someone in your life, there are other ways to reach out for help:
(Source: heresthedeal.ca)

What does Mental Health mean?

Everyone's mental health moves along a 'continuum' depending on their experiences, resources, supports, and coping strategies.

It means having the ability to...

  • cope with normal life stresses
  • feel physically, mentally, and socially well
  • enjoy life, the community, and the people in it
  • be creative, learn, try new things, take risks
  • move through feelings of sadness or anger due to a loss or a difficult time
(Adapted from: The Canadian Mental Health Association)

Supports are available wherever you are on the continuum.